Sneak Peak!

Each Grounded Gem box is individualized to our artists and vary to meet a wide range of needs. Therefore, it is impossible to show you exactly what each box looks like inside. Below are a few boxes to see a sneak peak to get an idea of what can come inside…


Art Lovers Dream

ART! ART! ART! Watercolor paper, canvas, adult coloring inspirations, masked, water colors and more!

  • self care

  • creative expression

  • all ages


Mind and Memory

This box contains a variety of mentally stimulating activities. From word searches, puzzles, coloring and creative writing. Sent to a Grandmother in a nursing home, making the entire mahjong team jealous! A fabulous gift for grandma, grandpa, mom and dad 55+!

  • adults

  • cognitive stimulation

  • challenging


Sensational! sensory experience

Our sensory box is filled with a variety of tactile materials to alter your experience and environment. Providing the opportunity to explore more senses; releasing stress, anger, and anxiety through clay and other materials. Embrace the art by using Touch to create away!

  • special needs

  • children

  • stress/anger/anxiety management

  • creative outlet