aka populations per box

Grounded Gem adapts our directives to meet the needs of our artists! It is important for GG to understand specific demographic information to adapt age appropriate, functional capabilities and goal oriented activities/directives in each box. Below are box categories to identify which one you identify with and  would like. Additional information regarding limitations, goals, etc. can be added in the survey upon purchase to assure the optimal artistic exploration!  Thus, making Grounded Gem different than other subscription services because each box is catered to you as if it were an individual session. 

All boxes increase creative expression, cognitive stimulation and self care!!!


Children with Special Needs

art directives focusing on increasing tactile tolerance, social pragmatic skills, increase focus tolerance and self expression both verbally and non-verbally. Make sure to describe current level of artist and if there are specific experiernces you wish this artist to receive during the Grounded Gem experience.

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

directives focusing on increasing self exploration, and expression. The process provides the opportunity for these adults to make their own decisions, express their independence and take pride in their creation.


Bedside BFF: your best friend when you are stuck in bed

“The pain is overwhelming” “I have no energy” Restricted to the hospital bed and nauseated from being ill, from boredom, and from this situation. Flowers are lovely but they die, snacks are too but no appetite. Give the gift of Grounded Gem to your loved one who is in the hospital. Activities designed for bedside use and appropriate for hospital setting. Easily cleaned to prevent spreading of gems, portable and adaptable to be used while laying down or sitting up in bed. In this box you will receive a variety of pain management, stress relief materials and a creative outlet to assist with the hospital experience.

Senior Living

Whether this artist is in a nursing home, assisted living or independently at home, Grounded Gem has as experience for them to try! Providing directives to increase engagement, decrease boredom among others. Cognitively stimulating, memory recall, and encouraging building new skills and interests. Sign your parent up for this subscription adds to new, fun conversations when you call!

All for One, One for All, Mental Health

Need time for yourself? Tired of being over worked and emotionally drained? Take this time for self care with a stress management subscriptions. Don’t let your anxiety take the best of you! Directives designed for utilizing new stress relieving activities, self exploration and take time to enjoy the process and not worry about a finished product.